NetBricks provides families, children and individuals the best experiences building with LEGO sets. We have an extensive set list that allows you to order multiple sets to your door and you can play with them for as long as you’d like. Flexible NetBricks pricing helps you stay on budget, and our sorting and sanitizing process gives you peace of mind that your experience will be clean and organized.
So are we! We clean each and every piece using a medical grade sanitization process before we touch returned pieces.
Yes! We can professionally sort and organize your LEGOs using our Master Builder Sorting algorithms. These algorithms have been designed to minimize time spent looking for LEGO pieces when trying to build existing sets or custom creations. Gone are the days of dumping out all 10,000 of your LEGOs to find that one yellow 1x4 shiny plate. Sanitization is priced at $5 per pound. Professional sorting and organization is priced at $10 per pound plus the cost of the sorting bins in which your LEGOs are returned. Contact us for more information on sanitizing and professionally organizing your sets.
We currently only ship to the continental United States.
NetBricks sets do not include stickers because scientists have yet to figure out how to effectively sanitize LEGO pieces with stickers.
Don't worry about it. We have thousands of spares. Dogs, carpets, couches, and vacuum cleaners have a tendency to gobble up those little pieces. We will replace up to 10 pieces in small sets (200 pieces or less), and up to 20 pieces in larger sets (201 pieces or more) for free. If you misplace more, you will be charged a nominal replacement fee based on the actual replacement cost of the pieces. Most common small pieces cost 5 cents or less. Notable exceptions are large pieces like airplane wings and some of the themed figures ("minifigs"), as they cost more to replace.
NetBricks works hard to ensure every set is complete before it leaves our processing center. However, mistakes do happen. Just let us know what is missing and we will expedite those pieces to you. Contact us with a short description of the missing piece including size, shape, color and set from which it came. An item number is also very helpful.
After we sanitize, count, sort each and every piece, if there are extra pieces that do not belong to the set, NetBricks sends them back to you - sanitized!
As long as you want. NetBricks will send your next shipment after you send your LEGO sets back to us.
Let us know which set you want by emailing us. Return the set to NetBricks and we’ll send the set you requested. Customers will only be charged a discounted shipping fee.
NetBricks offers three different plans: Pro Memberships for LEGO enthusiasts; Simply Unlimited for builders who prefer to build one set at a time; and One-time Rental. NetBricks charges a flat monthly price based on your plan. Our Pro Memberhsips always include round trip FREE shipping. All Pro Memberships include access to our entire catalog of Lego sets, and you are never charged for missing pieces. We’ve engineered each plan so that the more Lego sets you play with the more you save. Our Ultimate Builder membership lets you play with a whopping $3600 of Lego sets every year for only $60 a month! With Simply Unlimited, you choose whether you want to build Smaller sets, Larger sets, or the Largest sets LEGO has to offer.
NetBricks will contact you right away for a replacement card so that you do not experience any disruption in service.
The process is simple.
  • Gather up everything you originally received . All pieces are listed on the insert that came with your orderand in your email confirmation, which includes the entire set, minifigs and ancillary pieces, as well as theinstruction booklet.
  • The instruction booklet should be returned to its original bag to prevent damage in the shipping process.
  • You can use the NetBricks box you received with your delivery, or any plain, unmarked cardboard box.
  • If there are any existing shipping labels, stickers, or other materials on the shipping box from previous shipments, please remove them.
  • Attach your new return label to the shipping box.
  • Now, simply take the sealed box to any UPS store and start picking out new Lego sets!
Yes you can. Just let us know and you will be charged a discounted price (typically 10% off the existing sale price). Certain restrictions apply.
Yes. We buy miscellaneous LEGO pieces for $8 per pound AND we pay for shipping. We buy used full sets at 40% of the retail price. They must include the instruction booklet(s) as well as all pieces. We buy new, unopened sets at their current retail price. Contact us for more information or to sell us your LEGOs.
Yes. NetBricks makes a perfect gift for any occasion. You choose to either purchase a membership or a gift card that the recipient can use towards their membership - it's your choice. Click here to give the gift of NetBricks.
Yes. Purchase a 6 month or 12 month membership and receive a discount. You can cancel or change your membership level at any time.
It's easy. Simply log into your account and click the cancel button. No questions asked.
Yes. For every three members that start a membership we will increase your set budget by $25 each and every month of your membership. That means when you refer 6 friends you get an additional $50 of LEGO sets every month!
We’ll be happy to take your questions. Please contact us.