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Scorching Blades Lego Set

Pieces: 77 Age; 10-16   Scorching Blades #70149-1

Retail Price: $12.99

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Jump through the flames to win the CHI in LEGO? Legends of Chima? Speedorz? Scorching Blades! Attach Wolf tribe leader Worriz onto his brand-new Speedor and pull the rip cord. Hit the ramp, avoid the spinsaws and knock the fire CHI flying off the totem. Or compete against your friends, defending the CHI totem using the spinsaws as spintops and converting the jump into a defense. This set includes a Worriz minifigure, 2 weapons, new Speedor with fire claws, rip cord, CHI totem, jump, spinsaws, translucent flame elements, fire CHI orb, 6 CHI crystals and 5 game cards. Test your skill and accuracy with this game for 1 or more players.