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Star Wars LEGO Set


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 7 reviews
by Alicia on NetBricks

Such a great idea! My son loved picking out his sets and opening the boxes... It was like Christmas for him.

by Karen on NetBricks

My son is a Jedi master of Legos! We loved getting all the sets, and your selection is great. He gets bored easily... so having tons to choose from and being able to keep them for so long is great.

by Bob on NetBricks

I had never heard of Netbricks, but I'm so glad we found it! My daughter loves the friends sets and we were able to get so many.

by Daniel on NetBricks

My son and I were able to build the Death Star together and we loved it. I would have never paid regular price for that set, but enjoyed being able to do something more challenging with my son - and for a great value.

by Julie on NetBricks

We love Netbricks! Such a neat concept! Since we aren't waiting for sets, it give my kids the ability something constructive to do for weeks and weeks.