Sets you want, when you want them.

One-time Rental

Starting at

$24 / rental

Plus shipping

Want to build cool LEGO sets but don’t want to commit to a recurring plan? You’re in luck. Choose any sets you want, and keep them for 60 days. Starts at $100 worth of LEGO sets for only $24, and automatically scales up as you add more valuable sets.

Lets Do This

No Strings Attached

One-time LEGO fun

Netbricks FLEX (One-time Rental) lets you pick any LEGO sets you want. We’ll deliver them directly to your door, and you can keep them for 60 days. No recurring fees. It’s a great way to give Netbricks a test run and build that LEGO set you’ve been eyeing for years.

100% Custom

Build specific sets

Unlike our some of competitors’ offerings, we will deliver exactly what you want to build, when you want to build it. Netbricks FLEX (One-time Rental) lets you pick out any LEGO sets you want from our massive inventory. Keep in mind, though, that Netbricks FLEX starts at $100 worth of LEGO sets. If you exceed that budget, your shipment will cost more.

Plenty of Time

Keep your sets for 60 days

We want to make sure you’re not rushed when building your masterpieces. That’s why we let you keep your LEGO sets for a full 60 days. Want to keep them even longer? No problem. After 60 days, we charge a monthly pro-rated amount.

Massive Selection

Choose from 1,000’s of sets

Netbricks has a wider selection of rental LEGO sets than any other company on Earth. We are very proud of that fact. Don’t see a particular set? Just let us know. We bend over backwards to make sure Netbricks members have an incredible experience.

Frequently Asked Questions