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An Unexpected Gathering Lego Set

Pieces: 652 Age; 10-16   An Unexpected Gathering #79003-1

Retail Price: $99.99

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Gandalf’ the Grey’has invited the Dwarves to Bag End the Hobbit home of’Bilbo Baggins’. Uncover the Hobbit hole to entertain the Dwarves with food and drink accessories! Then inviteBilbo Baggins’on a great journey to The Lonely Mountain and begin the epic LEGO”The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ adventure. Includes’Gandalf the Grey’and 5 exclusive minifigures featured only in this set:’Bilbo Baggins’in his Shire outfit,’Balin the Dwarf,’Dwalin the Dwarf,Bombur’the Dwarf’and’Bofur the Dwarf, all with assorted weapons.

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