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Fire vs. Ice Lego Set

Pieces: 102 Age; 10-16   Fire vs. Ice #70156-1

Retail Price: $19.99

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Get set for a high-velocity duel between good and evil as Laval takes on Sir Fangar in the LEGO’ Legends of Chima’ Speedorz’ Fire vs. Ice challenge! Match up against a friend, select a tribe leader and attach your chosen warrior to their Speedor. Aim for your opponent’s CHI totem-topped tower, pull the rip cord and unleash the power. First one to knock down the CHI orb wins! Set includes Laval and Sir Fangar minifigure, 4 weapons, 2 Speedorz with claws, 2 rip cords, 2 towers/barriers, 2 CHI totems, fire CHI orb, CHI orb, 12 CHI crystals and 10 game cards. Put your skills of accuracy and timing to the test with this rip cord skill game for 2 players.