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HH-87 Starhopper Lego Set

Pieces: 362 Age; 10-16   HH-87 Starhopper #75024-1

Retail Price: $49.99

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Infiltrate Cad Bane’s crew and uncover his evil plans with Obi-Wan Kenobi in his Rako Hardeen bounty hunter disguise! Go after Cad Bane in the single-seat HH-87 Starhopper’ with an opening cockpit for Obi-Wan, 4 flick missiles and pirate speeder! Make a smooth landing with the folding wings and find out what he’s up to! Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Obi-Wan in Rako Hardeen disguise, Cad Bane and a Nikto guard.