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Inferno Pit Lego Set

Pieces: 74 Age; 10-16   Inferno Pit #70155-1

Retail Price: $12.99

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Help the Phoenix warrior Fluminox grab the CHI among the flames in the LEGO? Legends of Chima? Speedorz? Inferno Pit! Place Fluminox on his brand-new Speedor, line up for the ramp and pull the rip cord. Jump across the ring of fire, avoiding the flames all around then knock the rock off the totem to break it open and release the fire CHI orb inside. Create defenses using the fire and jump then compete against your friends. This set includes a Fluminox minifigure, 2 weapons, new Speedor with fire wings, rip cord, jump, ring of fire with translucent flame elements, fire CHI orb, CHI totem, 6 CHI crystals and 5 game cards. Test your speed and accuracy in the heat of the Inferno Pit with this rip cord skill game for 1 or more players.

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