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Jedi Scout Fighter Lego Set

Pieces: 490 Age; 10-16   Jedi Scout Fighter #75051-1

Retail Price: $59.99

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Protect the vital Holocrons from the dark side with Jek-14? and his streamlined Jedi? Scout Fighter. Lift the rear hatch to stash the containers of Holocrons and lightsabers. Place clone trooper Jek-14? and his co-pilot in the dual cockpit that opens two ways, with the Astromech Droid? positioned behind. Unleash its awesome armory, including 2 spring-loaded shooters and an elevating and rotating cannon at the rear. Recreate thrilling scenes from LEGO? Star Wars?: The Yoda Chronicles animated specials. And if the action gets too hot to handle, detach the cockpit to turn it into an escape pod, but guard those Holocrons with your life!

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