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Super Cycle Chase Lego Set

Pieces: 514 Age; 10-16   Super Cycle Chase #70808-1

Retail Price: $49.99

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Zoom away from the Robo Police SWAT car in Super Cycle Chase!

No time to waste! Use your Master Builder skills to help Wyldstyle assemble a two-seater, flaming-fast dragster from the materials she collects. Help Emmet to escape from the Robo SWATs. Rev up the engine to jump over the spike strip road block and speed away. Dodge the Robo Police guns and their 4×4 SWAT car’s flick missiles and deadly dynamite. Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Emmet, Wyldstyle and 3 Robo SWATs.

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