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The Goblin King Battle Lego Set

Pieces: 841 Age; 10-16   The Goblin King Battle #79010-1

Retail Price: $99.99

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Save The Company of Dwarves! The goblins have captured the heroic Dwarves and imprisoned them deep inside their filthy caves. Help’Gandalf’ the Grey’sneak past’The Goblin King’and set them free! Discover the cave’s functions, secrets and hidden treasures as you fight your way to freedom by firing the catapult, collapsing the rope bridge, lifting the bucket crane, tipping the ladder and finding the map. Defeat’The Goblin King’in an epic underworld battle! And beware The Goblin King throne’s trapping function! Includes’Gandalf the Grey’and 7 minifigures exclusive to this building set:’Dori the Dwarf,’Nori the Dwarf,’Ori the Dwarf,’Goblin Scribe, 2 Goblin Soldiers and’The Goblin King.