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Small Cottage Lego Set

Pieces: 271 Age; 10-16   Small Cottage #31009-1

Retail Price: $39.99

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Build a countryside getaway with the Small Cottage! This cozy creation is the perfect LEGO’ brick-built vacation home with everything a minifigure needs to unwind! Put the sausage on the grill, cruise around on the skateboard or swim in the pond! Take off the roof and open the rear of the Small Cottage to explore inside! Features a lamp, drawers, swivel chair and a table. Rebuild it into an impressive windmill or skater’s house for even more cool LEGO’ creation destinations! Open the skater’s house with hinged walls to play inside or grind on the rails with the skateboard! Spin the blades of the windmill and repair it with the wrench! Includes minifigure.

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