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Knights’ Castle Lego Set

Pieces: 480 Age; 10-16   Knights’ Castle #10676-1

Retail Price: $49.99

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The evil black knight is trying to steal the King’s treasure! Ride out with the brave King’s knight on his white horse and stop the bad guy before he topples the castle walls with his big catapult. Featuring Easy to Build models with lots of colorful LEGO’ bricks, this iconic, castle-themed set has been specially designed for first-time brick builders. Your young knight will love to build and play with the set, and when it’s time for another build and play challenge, use the age-appropriate and inspiring building instructions to rebuild the Knights’ Castle into an enemy tower or the King’s horse carriage using the extra bricks supplied with the set. The set also comes in an iconic, brick-shaped box that’s ideal for storing and transporting. Includes 3 minifigures: the King, King’s knight and an evil black knight.

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