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Barrel Escape Lego Set

Pieces: 334 Age; 10-16   Barrel Escape #79004-1

Retail Price: $54.99

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Help! The’Mirkwood’ Elves have locked the Dwarves in The Elvenking’s palace dungeon! Use the Ring to imagine Bilbo Baggins’ is invisible to the guards, then steal their dungeon key to free the Dwarves! Hide the Dwarves inside of the barrel elements and trigger the barrel roll function to start escaping! As the barrels roll down the ramp with the Dwarves inside, bust the dungeon door open with the breakout function lever! Keep holding the magical Ring to imagine’Bilbo Baggins’is invisible as he pushes the Dwarves out of the palace and back onto their epic journey. Includes’Bilbo Baggins’and 4 minifigures exclusive to this building set:’Gloin the Dwarf,’Oin the Dwarf,’Mirkwood Elf Chief’and’Mirkwood Elf Guard, all with assorted accessories and weapons.

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